Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vote for Mojo Helpdesk in Google I/O's Sandbox Video Contest

The countdown for Google I/O 2011 continues to dwindle as we steadily approach the event date. The Mojo Helpdesk team is very excited to be showcased at this event, and we are looking forward to meeting everyone who will be joining us there next week.

The Best Google I/O Sandbox Video Contest (thanks to ShortForm and YouTube) has started today, and is now ready to receive votes. Voting will run until the end of the Developer Sandbox on Thursday May 11th at 5:30pm PDT. The winner will be announced on May 12th.

If you like Mojo Helpdesk, please vote below to help us win:

If you would like to visit the ShortForm contest site directly, click here.