Friday, September 23, 2011

Beat Your Competitors with Awesome Customer Service

When customers come back to do more business with a company, it is often not because they got a good price or even a quality product. Most times, customers return because of the awesome customer service that they received. Many businesses offer good service but there are definite distinctions between good and great service.

The difference between good and great
Service to customers will depend heavily on the type of industry in which a business operates. However, it is easy to tell when agents are doing the standard level and when they go above and beyond. For instance, it is common for online retailers to offer “no questions asked” return policies on the products they sell. This is a service that many customers expect. A company that offers great service is one that pays for return shipping on an item and expedites the new product to minimize the amount of time it takes to resolve the issue. Taking steps to make sure the customer literally has to do nothing in order to accomplish a goal or performing tasks that are not standard in an industry are what differentiate good service from that of great.

What changes can companies make now
One of the best things a business can do immediately to impact customer satisfaction is provide the tools and training for representatives to make customer experiences great. For example, giving representatives the authority to make their own decisions on how a particular transaction should be handled increases the speed at which customers get their issues resolved. Showing employees what options they have at their disposal and focusing on service as a core priority helps all parties involved get what they need faster.

Companies competing within an industry will match each other on almost every facet of the business. The thing that will separate them is how they treat their customers. Companies that empower employees to provide awesome customer service and provide the tools to do so are the ones that will come out ahead. Making sure human resources knows what tools they have at their disposal, as well as how to use them, is a sure fire way to reach customer service success.

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