Monday, January 30, 2012

Help Desks: Not Just for IT Anymore

New businesses are emerging all the time and struggling to stay ahead in competitive industries. It will come as no surprise to regular readers that it’s our conviction that one of the primary components in determining which of those businesses will succeed is the quality of customer service they provide. Regardless of the industry, organized and personal customer service is the key to getting and keeping customers.

Imagine a young professional, straight out of school, starting a new graphic design business. Employing the winning combination of talent, hard work and attention to friendly, personal customer service has helped the business to grow, in spite of these hard times. With the excitement of watching business take off, the graphic designer has come to the difficult realization that it’s becoming harder and harder to maintain the level of attentive, organized customer support that helped the company find success to begin with. In order to preserve their business’s hard earned reputation, the graphic designer must figure out a way to continue providing quality service to a higher volume of customers.

The above hypothetical could apply to businesses in any number of industries. With greater success comes greater difficulty in keeping up with the expectations of a growing customer base without letting any of the customer service touches that set a company apart begin to slip. How does a busy company maintain its positive relationships and keep up its brand? Whether offering goods and services in graphic design, accounting, marketing, retail or any other industry that involves customers, the same answer applies: Mojo Helpdesk.

Until recently, online help desks were largely associated with providing IT support. Increasingly, other industries are realizing how useful of a tool an online help desk can be for customer support in any number of industries. The hypothetical graphic designer can use the tickets in Mojo Helpdesk to track a multitude of design requests without losing sight of the needs of any one customer, stay in frequent communication with each client and solicit feedback once a project is complete. The whole process is documented and can be easily consulted when relevant to future customer interactions, saving time and improving service in the long term.

A marketing firm can use it to document the history of ideas and conversations that have transpired with each customer, making it easy to return to old ideas for inspiration, revisit client responses and track the general success of each campaign. A payroll department can utilize it to handle all payroll queries and help keep careful records of all issues that arise and the solutions used to resolve them within a secure environment. A retail business can keep up with a high volume of customer requests and easily pull up the history of repeat customers to check on their personal preferences and past experiences.

It would be impossible to cover the many, myriad ways Mojo Helpdesk could be put to use here; the possibilities are endless. Any business that works with customers, feels a need for greater organization or desires a better way to document interactions can quickly see an improvement in business operations with the use of a help desk. While IT businesses were the first to embrace the increased simplicity and efficiency of implementing help desks into their operations, other companies and departments would be remiss not to consider how they can contribute to making the lives of employees easier, while improving the relationships the company has with its customers.

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