Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to Make Sure Employees Use a New Helpdesk

To get the best possible return on investment with a new helpdesk, it’s important to be proactive in encouraging employees to use it. A little effort in the early days of implementation can make all the difference in whether employees reap the benefits of the helpdesk or fail to embrace it. It’s human nature to resist change. People develop their own methods of doing things and often prefer sticking with what’s comfortable. If a new helpdesk goes unused, it can result in wasted money, squandered good intentions, and most importantly, a lack of progress. To encourage use and avoid wasted potential, consider these 5 tips for getting the most out of a new helpdesk:

1. Emphasize the Benefits
Mojo Helpdesk is designed to make work easier and more rewarding for representatives. Showcase how a simplified process for documenting each customer correspondence helps to track individual responsibilities, identify and handle issues as they occur. Mojo Helpdesk encourages customers to rate their experiences, so great work is noticed and rewarded. Managers don't always know when customers are receiving exceptional service; Mojo Helpdesk makes sure they hear about it.

2. Give Tutorials
Learning a daunting new software is the last thing most employees want to add to their lengthy to do list. A simple 15-25 minute tutorial both makes what was daunting seem simple and makes employees aware of time-saving, helpful features they might have missed otherwise. As an extra touch, include refreshments. People are more eager to participate in training if pizza, sodas, or cookies are provided.

3. Discuss Possible Concerns 
Talk to employees about any doubts they have and point out specific features to alleviate concerns. If they’re worried using the helpdesk will make interactions less personal, show how it allows for direct communication between customers and representatives and makes sure customers work with the same contact until their issue is resolved. If they’re worried it will slow them down, demonstrate how automations and ticket centralization can save time. Allot time after training to allow for a Q&A session. This encourages employees to better understand the software and lose their hesitations.

4. Find Ways to Incorporate Familiar Methods
People will more readily accept a productive shift in the way things are done than a complete transformation. Find out the practices employees have found the most beneficial and determine how best to incorporate those into use of the helpdesk. The helpdesk doesn’t require you to reinvent the wheel, it merely provides the tools to make a better version of it.

5. Track and Publicize Success Stories
After efforts focused on the above points, there may still be some resistant employees unwilling to switch to a new help desk system. Track the progress of those using it and share their success stories with the company. A monthly e-mail that highlights some of the successful experiences with the helpdesk can help illustrate the many benefits

Just as resistance to change is predictable, so is the likelihood that in time people become used to new methods and begin to prefer them to the old. Once employees begin using Mojo Helpdesk, they’ll quickly become comfortable in the newer, better work processes it enables.

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