Friday, May 3, 2013

How To Save $1,500 to $21,300 A Year on a Helpdesk...

Office Water Slide
What could you buy with the money you save by using Mojo Helpdesk? How about a 3-story office slide. (Photo credit: Ben Terrett)

How much does web hosted help desk software really cost?

What is the yearly investment required to run web hosted ticket tracking & request tracking software?

How much budget should I set aside to equip our customer service team with an online help desk support system?

If you've ever had one of these questions, take a look at the web hosted help desk pricing table below. It shows yearly costs for some of the most popular web hosted help desk and ticket tracking apps.


Web Hosted Help Desk Pricing ($ per year)

Table Notes:
- Last updated 4-29-2013.
- Assumes month-to-month pricing with no long term contract.
- Competitors' most popular plan chosen for pricing comparison (where listed):

  • Mojo Helpdesk - Business Plan
  • Zendesk - Plus Plan
  • Desk Dot Com - Full time Agent Plan
  • Freshdesk - Garden Plan
  • UserVoice - Enhanced Plan
- Competitor pricing rounded to the nearest hundred.
- Agents are individuals who responds to support ticket and/or can change settings. Most web hosted help desk software is billed per agent. Mojo Helpdesk charges one flat rate per month for unlimited agents.


If you're looking for an affordable web hosted helpdesk solution that's easy to implement, then consider Mojo Helpdesk. It can save your organization an average of $1,500 to $21,300 a year on web hosted help desk software...

...and that assumes your organization has 50 agents or less. We have several users with 60+ agents who save their organizations $30K+ a year with our flat rate pricing.

Need to demonstrate your value to current or prospective employers? Imagine adding this to your list of accomplishments:

"Saved my company $XX,XXX per year and increased department productivity by researching and implementing a web-based ticket tracking system."

Switching over from old help desk software? What if you had this data point for key decision makers:

"By switching help desk systems we can save an estimated $XX,XXX per year on IT and customer service costs."
Running a small business? Imagine adding thousands of dollars to your income every year just by choosing Mojo over the other guys. At the end of the year you'll have this good news for employees and investors:

"We implemented a simple web-based helpdesk solution this year that helped us solve customer requests faster, reduced our online data storage needs, and saved us thousands relative to other technology investments we were considering."

This isn't fluff. The numbers in this post are the proof.


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